Monday, October 20, 2008

Coming Soon

Hello everyone,

So, I have started another blog. This blog is going to be for my MCM university peeps. Yes, I know. I hate saying people all the time or students cause they are not all mine.

We will be starting a new workout program at the University and I thought it would be cool if they the students (ha) could come and look at what they are doing and to give a summary for the other students to look at. Just want them to know that I like to post the pics for them and they can tell their friends.

Just a fun place to catch up on and enjoy. I thought I would start here and then later upgrade or something.

This program will start November 1st. It will also take place at 9: 00 at night. What else do they have to do at the hour. Oh yea, they should be studying. Well, this is a studying break for them. Ha! You know that if you workout it gets the blood pumping to the brain and hopefully they should be able to focus better and get better grades. Ha. That is what they keep telling me.

The older I get and the more exercise I get or do the more I forget things. Oh well, something has to give. I don't have any more boobs, so that is gone too. What the heck. I am just falling apart.

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