Thursday, November 20, 2008

Plyometric Day

Things are going well. I decided to do the Plyometric exercise on Tuesday night.

Whew! All I can say is Wow! I had not done that program in a while and it kicked my butt. I totally love that. I felt so good afterwards.

Hope realized not to eat right before MCM extreme workout. I too had a some meal about 2 hours earlier, thought I was good, but the Top Ramon just sat right at the top (hehe).

Sometimes, it is hard to tell if some people are really working hard as they can, but after Tuesday night I saw the sweat just dripping off of most of the group. Way to go group.

Thursday night we will also work legs in the Plyo legs. I will substitute some exercises with extra cardio just to keep it fresh. This will give the group at least Friday and Saturday and part Sunday to recoup. Yes, we are working out on Sunday night because the Thankgiving two days off from school, well actually 3 days off just kind of messes things up. The group themselves decided to put in a Sunday workout and then a Monday at noon workout because I am going out to eat for my Birthday. Hey, I like birthdays too. Got to get me some cake. Better workout hard at noon.

Wish I had more pictures, but my hard drive crashed and the pictures are all gone.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chest, Shoulders and Arms!

Day Number 7

We have been at this extreme workout for seven days now. Whew! I don't know about the group but I am seeing a difference. I am feeling stronger, and I can do things better and a few more reps than when I started.

The chest is the one that kills me. I can do push-ups on my knees a quit of few times, but when it comes to standard push-ups, gosh it just takes everything out of me.

We tried some one-arm push-ups and wide push-ups, push-ups that are close to the ribs. I hope to be able to do more standard push-ups by the end of the 5 weeks. I know I will be able to, the question is will they be able to do more pull-ups and more push-ups.

We definitely got a burn on the biceps and we all left that night PUMPED! Yea baby! We were definitely showing some guns. I love the biceps. The triceps are my stubborn muscle of them all. Everyone had trouble with some of the triceps moves, but now that we have taught the body how to do them, the next time around should be a little easier.

We definitely need to get more weights for these guys, so that everyone can have a set or at least be able to share more than one set. HA! That was fun trying to do a burn out with one set for four people to use. Well, that is when you have to learn to adjust really quick. I was proud of them how they worked together on this little mishap.

Next week, starts week three, should be a good one.

All I know is this group keeps bringing it everytime and I love it.
I hope that some of them stay with it and join again next year. They can only improve. Plus I need them to show it how it is done. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Legs and Back and Cardio

Day Three we worked on Legs and Back.

The group went down to the field house where they have the pull up bars. For the ladies we used the resistance bands. For the fellows they used the pull up bars.

We had only down like two exercises in this program and the group was huffing and puffing.

I have been through this routine and it is a killer on the legs. I love it though.

Okay, so the next day it was Cardio day. What to do, because the Cardio Intervals have quit a bit of leg work in it, so I asked the group what they would like to do. Turbokick or Cardio Intervals, they picked TurboKick. Wow! I would not have thought, but I am glad they did. It was a workout.
We did 4 Turbos you all. Had my heart rate going. We did a Northside vs. Southside. We definitely had a great time and burned some calories.

I love this group because they like to work hard. They definitely keep me motiviated and to work hard too.

Here are some pictures doing the Turbos.

They should all be seeing an improvement by the end of the 5 weeks, but be careful of Turkey day. People tend to overeat on this day and it is not good. You need to just graze and do not eat until you are past full. Eat til you are satisfied.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cardio X Time!

Day Two of the MCM Extreme Workout.

Well, testing was done and everyone did excellent. I was really impressed. Now, was the time to see how they would do on the cardio section.

I mixed it up between the Cardio X and a little Turbo Kick Turbo Section. They rocked it.

I tell you what, not a dry shirt in the house. Lots of excitment and energy even after another round of Turbo.

Doing strength one day and Cardio the next to loosen the muscles is really going to help my group. They are so pumped and ready for a change that they are really going to see results in both strength and cardiovascular in no time. We only have 24 days, well less than because we took a day to test and we have Turkey Day coming up as well.

The main thing that this group needs to remember is the eating/nutrition of this program.

If you work out then, you need to replenish your body with good foods. Ones that will work for you. You eat fatty foods you are going to feel like crap. You eat good foods and you will have more energy.

Here are the pictures from the cardio day. Jab, cross, hook, upper cut. Bring it people.
So proud of them. We shall see what kind of excitement they have after week 3. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Night!

Well, last night was a long night. We started at 10:00 due to people using the aerobic room.

We all got together and went over the program. We then did the normal, well not so normal testing. We did pull-ups, push-ups, vertical leaps and man can Brad jump. Well, that boy is already 7 feet tall. We also did in & outs which are abs, we did biceps curls and oh, I almost forgot we did Wall Squats. I really hate those and everyone did great. I was really impressed.

Finally, we did 2 minutes of Jumping Jacks.

Everyone did really good and they are going to rock.

This is a good looking group to I might add.

Take a look on who all decided to go for it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ready to Bring It!

Monday starts the new MCM Extreme Workout. I am so ready to pump it.

I am really going to whip those McMurry students into shape. I have had some good response.

Monday will be test and measurement day and then Tuesday we will rock it.

I just hope they know what they are getting themselves into. I know they do.

I guess the question should be "What the heck am I getting into?" Ha! Last thing I need is to get into another workout class. Oh well, they aren't coming to the studio, I guess I have to go to them.

Be ready for some pictures.