Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chest and Back!

OMG, so the class at 8:00 was small. What happened to everyone. I guess the cardio really got to them.

Yesterday, we did Chest and Back to kick off the 6 weeks. I did not make them do the Dive Bombers push-ups because I did not think they were ready for that yet. So, I decided just to leave that one off.

The first class went great. Everyone had really great form. I was really impressed. They really had a hard time on some of the push-ups.

You know there is someone in every crowd that just can do everything. I have a female who is like that. I had one from the last class too. Really going to push her this six weeks.

The second class, I decided to workout with them. I only had five kids, so I thought sure I can do this too. Why not. I want to get ripped too. I am a little sore today. Hey, I have losted my Christmas weight. Yeah me!

Seems like I always get too involved to take pictures on weight training days. Tomorrow is cardio day and we are going to rock and will have pictures.

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