Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Super Cardio Workout

WOW! That is all I can say. I received a Super Cardio DVD from Tony. I thought I would try it on my MCM students. I just added a few jacks in between, couldn't hurt anything right? They were huffing and puffing after the first segment. Who would have thought. Right!

I hope they will be ready for the Plyo legs tonight. I am just going to add some push-ups in there as well. I think it will give them a great workout. We did Back and Biceps on Monday, the crazy Super Cardio last night and then Legs and Chest tonight which doing push-ups is an all around exercise.

After the super cardio, I incorporated the Killer Abs which I think I am going to use on my Core Training folks today. They are going to die. Love it.

280 total crunches, from The Butterfly ups, in and outs, legs straight up, the the upright bicycles, forward and backward. yep, it was grueling.

Be back later with some pictures.

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