Saturday, November 8, 2008

Legs and Back and Cardio

Day Three we worked on Legs and Back.

The group went down to the field house where they have the pull up bars. For the ladies we used the resistance bands. For the fellows they used the pull up bars.

We had only down like two exercises in this program and the group was huffing and puffing.

I have been through this routine and it is a killer on the legs. I love it though.

Okay, so the next day it was Cardio day. What to do, because the Cardio Intervals have quit a bit of leg work in it, so I asked the group what they would like to do. Turbokick or Cardio Intervals, they picked TurboKick. Wow! I would not have thought, but I am glad they did. It was a workout.
We did 4 Turbos you all. Had my heart rate going. We did a Northside vs. Southside. We definitely had a great time and burned some calories.

I love this group because they like to work hard. They definitely keep me motiviated and to work hard too.

Here are some pictures doing the Turbos.

They should all be seeing an improvement by the end of the 5 weeks, but be careful of Turkey day. People tend to overeat on this day and it is not good. You need to just graze and do not eat until you are past full. Eat til you are satisfied.

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