Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chest, Shoulders and Arms!

Day Number 7

We have been at this extreme workout for seven days now. Whew! I don't know about the group but I am seeing a difference. I am feeling stronger, and I can do things better and a few more reps than when I started.

The chest is the one that kills me. I can do push-ups on my knees a quit of few times, but when it comes to standard push-ups, gosh it just takes everything out of me.

We tried some one-arm push-ups and wide push-ups, push-ups that are close to the ribs. I hope to be able to do more standard push-ups by the end of the 5 weeks. I know I will be able to, the question is will they be able to do more pull-ups and more push-ups.

We definitely got a burn on the biceps and we all left that night PUMPED! Yea baby! We were definitely showing some guns. I love the biceps. The triceps are my stubborn muscle of them all. Everyone had trouble with some of the triceps moves, but now that we have taught the body how to do them, the next time around should be a little easier.

We definitely need to get more weights for these guys, so that everyone can have a set or at least be able to share more than one set. HA! That was fun trying to do a burn out with one set for four people to use. Well, that is when you have to learn to adjust really quick. I was proud of them how they worked together on this little mishap.

Next week, starts week three, should be a good one.

All I know is this group keeps bringing it everytime and I love it.
I hope that some of them stay with it and join again next year. They can only improve. Plus I need them to show it how it is done. :)

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I lived in Fort Worth. Yes you`re right, that picture was taken at the fort worth zoo.