Thursday, November 20, 2008

Plyometric Day

Things are going well. I decided to do the Plyometric exercise on Tuesday night.

Whew! All I can say is Wow! I had not done that program in a while and it kicked my butt. I totally love that. I felt so good afterwards.

Hope realized not to eat right before MCM extreme workout. I too had a some meal about 2 hours earlier, thought I was good, but the Top Ramon just sat right at the top (hehe).

Sometimes, it is hard to tell if some people are really working hard as they can, but after Tuesday night I saw the sweat just dripping off of most of the group. Way to go group.

Thursday night we will also work legs in the Plyo legs. I will substitute some exercises with extra cardio just to keep it fresh. This will give the group at least Friday and Saturday and part Sunday to recoup. Yes, we are working out on Sunday night because the Thankgiving two days off from school, well actually 3 days off just kind of messes things up. The group themselves decided to put in a Sunday workout and then a Monday at noon workout because I am going out to eat for my Birthday. Hey, I like birthdays too. Got to get me some cake. Better workout hard at noon.

Wish I had more pictures, but my hard drive crashed and the pictures are all gone.

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