Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cardio X Time!

Day Two of the MCM Extreme Workout.

Well, testing was done and everyone did excellent. I was really impressed. Now, was the time to see how they would do on the cardio section.

I mixed it up between the Cardio X and a little Turbo Kick Turbo Section. They rocked it.

I tell you what, not a dry shirt in the house. Lots of excitment and energy even after another round of Turbo.

Doing strength one day and Cardio the next to loosen the muscles is really going to help my group. They are so pumped and ready for a change that they are really going to see results in both strength and cardiovascular in no time. We only have 24 days, well less than because we took a day to test and we have Turkey Day coming up as well.

The main thing that this group needs to remember is the eating/nutrition of this program.

If you work out then, you need to replenish your body with good foods. Ones that will work for you. You eat fatty foods you are going to feel like crap. You eat good foods and you will have more energy.

Here are the pictures from the cardio day. Jab, cross, hook, upper cut. Bring it people.
So proud of them. We shall see what kind of excitement they have after week 3. :)

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